September 2006            
Spring & Summer
Sammmi & Stephanie
Proud grandparents from
The rest of her time was
spent working at Mondo's!!
We kept our fingers crossed
throughout the summer that our
house would sell and we could
make our move to Atlanta. Thanks
to a slow market,
that did not
happen. We are still hopeful that
some snowbirds will buy it soon!!
Start of College Days
Emily is going into her senior year
as a Social Policy major. She is
returning to the beautiful Alpha
Chi house as President of the
Samantha ~ Starting at Vanderbilt ~
Founder's Day
Vandy tradition to
welcome freshmen
Settling into her
dorm room
Mom's last dinner with Sammi before
notice Cosmo to cope !!
Samantha's graduation from The Benjamin School
~~May 2006 ~~
Sammi & Robert (Benj
Junior at Carnegie Mellon
Summer 2006
Emily began the college year once again as a counselor
for the Freshman Urban Program at Northwestern.
This is her fourth year of involvement with
amazing devotion to introducing others to Chicago and
the world of community service
Celebrating her 21st birthday with friends in chicago - best buddy
jake visiting from VA !!