Our dear Samantha,
As the two 'Pooks', we have shared so
much...Sat.  morning pop-tart puppet
shows, musical numbers on the swing set,
our notebook, ice cream in the car, our
kitchen dance, never-ending quest for
smoothies, sleep overs, Hot Loops, the
BBQ chips incident and Prague
adventures. Congrats on your graduation-
the best is yet to come!
Love, Pookie
Even though you are graduating from a high school
in Florida, you will always be a Virginia girl. Never
forget: Wolftrap (Mrs. Gilliland's tap dancing), Little
Langley (Mr. Leukuton & Kenya) and Potomac (best
buddies..Ellie, Julie & Virginia). All of your family
and friends have helped shape you into the amazing
person you are today.
Shoot for the moon, Samantha, and even if you miss,
you will still be among the stars.
May God forever bless your life with wisdom, love
and happiness.
~We love you~
Mommy, Daddy & Emily

We have watched you grow from a wide-eyed
inquisitive little girl to a beautiful, intelligent young  lady. Over
the years, you have entertained us with so  many
antics..softee, sleeping on the stairs, socks without seams,
inventions (ravioli without cheese), Sarah a.k.a. Penguin,
bad Julia, "Q,R, S...Y & Z" and most of all....BUCCI !!